Hiring, managing and terminating staff can be one of the most stressful aspects of being a faculty member. Each state of the process is governed by legal requirements at the federal, state, university and UMCES level. Knowledge of these requirements is essential to protect you, the Center and employee. As a result, it is important that you seek advice from Lisa Ross, UMCES Center Administration (410) 221-2017 or Dr. Carys Mitchelmore, CBL Interim Director (x202).

Employee Hiring Process

The Human Resource Coordinator (HRC) will send a Check-In form to the appropriate supervisor. The form should be completed by the faculty/supervisor and returned to the HRC at least 3 days prior to the employee’s official start date on campus so that a determination can be made on appropriate key assignment, email and any other additional training. 

 If enough time is available before the employee’s start date, the HRC will send out a packet of New Hire Forms so the new employee can review all the paperwork, formulate any questions and bring the appropriate documents to the initial orientation with the HRC. If required, an employee agreement (FRA, ARS and faculty) will be included in the original packet of information.

Check-In Procedures and Departmental Responsibilities:

 I.  Human Resource Coordinator

II.  New Employee Orientation

A time and date should be established for employee’s initial orientation with the HRC before arrival at CBL. Upon arrival at CBL, the new employee will meet with the HRC on the first day on campus.  All new hire forms including the Check-In form are reviewed and any missing items must be completed.  

Retirement program and Health Benefit options and costs are discussed with employee. Employee will be informed of the start date of benefits.

As of January 2018, employee health benefit coverage will begin the 1st of the month following the start date. (i.e. if the start date is October 3, 2017, then coverage will begin on November 1, 2017).

A photograph of the employee will be taken and signature is digitized for University ID card and CBL’s web site.  GRA’s ID cards must be obtained by the student from College Park’s Registrar’s Office.

Leave usage and holidays are explained (including winter and spring breaks).

1. The employee is provided with their Check-In form with contact numbers should they require further training (i.e. vehicle usage, small boat usage, seawater facility training, collection permit, etc.). The employee, faculty and individual departments listed on the Check-In form are responsible for coordinating any required training.

2. The HRC will follow-up within 1 week to ensure that the appropriate training has been scheduled or completed. Although it is ultimately the new employee’s responsibility to ensure that training is complete, faculty/supervisors must also follow up with their employees to ensure completion. Completed Check-In forms must be returned by the employee within one week to obtain their initial paycheck.

 3. Employees are personally responsible for the keys assigned and should not give them to anyone, even their supervisor/faculty, for use or at the termination of employment. The fee for lost keys will be discussed and employee will initial the form to acknowledge responsibility.

 4. Check-In Form is forwarded to Associate Director of Facilities to arrange Safety Training and provide all assigned keys. The Associate Director of Facilities will send the completed Key Sign-Out sheet to the HRC. Associate Director will arrange IT set up.

 5. Once the new employee displays in PHR, the HRC will meet with the employee to explain time entry procedures.

All employees (including Contingent I consistently working over 30 hours per week) are entitled to Health benefits. Any employee (under any position title) that does not need health benefits must sign a “Decline Benefits Form” which will be included with new hire paperwork.


All individuals volunteering at CBL must complete a Volunteer form.  A volunteer is any individual that is not working at CBL as a part of his or her job description for example, a retiree from Asbury working unpaid in the Visitors Center is a volunteer, but a scientist visiting from another institution is considered working and should be entered in PHR.  A PAF packet should also be sent to the CA HRD.  In cases where a volunteer is spending considerable time at the lab, the Laboratory Director may determine that a volunteer should be entered in PHR as a non-paid employee.  Again, a PAF packet should also be sent to the CA HRD.

 This guide breaks the process down into a series of steps: