Available Facilities

Conference rooms are available for use and/or rental by USM groups for meetings, seminars and business-related programs. Government and non-profit groups may be granted use, if programs relate to the CBL community. All reservations for any groups must be pre-approved by the Associate Director of Administration and Facilities. Reservations are based upon room availability, availability of CBL staff and the needs of the group. Rooms can be set in a variety of set-up and can accommodate various sizes of groups. All rooms have AV capabilities and some room include interactive video capability.

Requesting a Conference Room

To request a room complete the reservation form found on MyCBL via the UMCES website.

In the event of an immediate need, call Lance Kelly at x365 or Stacy Hutchinson at x364.

Requesting IVN

To request IVN, go to the CBL intranet portal page and click on “schedule IVN.” Follow prompts. If you are not a registered IVN user, you will need to register. Contact Renee Arnold at x347 for assistance.

Requesting ZOOM

To request a ZOOM meeting please submit a request through the online event and meeting reservation form here. If you only need ZOOM and not a room, select "other" as your location. Once you made your reservation you'll receive a confirmation email along with the user ID and password to set up your ZOOM meeting. If you are only attending a scheduled ZOOM meeting and you are not the host, there is no need to send in a request, unless you want to use a conference room. The host of your meeting will send you the log-on information (usually a link). If you have any questions, please contact the IT Department (Mike Santangelo x237 and Dan Janzen x345) or Stacy Hutchinson x364 for assistance. Instructions are listed below:


Coffee, tea, water and other refreshments are available upon request. There is a charge for this service. Services should be requested at time of scheduling.

Available Facilities

Bernie Fowler Laboratory – 121 Williams Street

Seminar room 1101 – (IVN and full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 85

Meeting room 1123 – (full/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 8

Houde Classroom 1120 – (IVN and full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 12 in classroom set-up only

Mansueti – 146 Williams Street

Classroom 1 (IVN and full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 8 in classroom set-up only

Coastal Technologies – 144 Charles Street

Large open area for meetings or meal functions (AV capabilities) maximum capacity of 45

Saunders House – 140 Charles Street

Conference room 1 – (full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 15

RV Truitt Laboratory – 129 Williams Street

Boynton Conference room – (full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 12

Ulanowicz Conference Room – (full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 24

Nice Hall – 121 Williams Street

Open Collaboration Area – (full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 60


All catering must be purchased by the scheduling group. Please contact Stacy Hutchinson for catering companies and recommendations. Coffee/tea/water service is available for $2.50 per person, per service if facilities staff is available (during normal work hours.)

Please see chart below for usage fees.