Facilities and Services

The Facilities Team supports the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in its mission of leading the nation in research on fisheries, estuarine ecology, environmental chemistry and toxicology research. We are responsible for the physical campus – all spaces, infrastructure and landscaping that surround us. Our department provides a full range of services including, management of the seawater system, housekeeping, special event services, vehicle and overnight reservations, carpentry and mechanical services, moving assistance and campus safety and building access. Our department serves the campus community 24/7/365.

Key Facilities Staff

Brian Duke, Manager: office: 410/326-7352 cell: 301/672-8533

Dale Garner, Supervisor: office: 410/326-7397 cell: 301/672-8516

Lance Kelly, Scheduler: office: 410/326-7365 cell: 301/500-8216

Stacy Hutchinson, Associate Director: office: 410/326-7364 cell: 301/481-3669

After Hours Emergency Contact: 410/672-7333