The Graduate Education Committee (GEC) supports graduate education at CBL, mostly through fellowships and awards made directly to the graduate students. The GEC is funded mainly from Tuition Return Enhancement Funds, which is tuition money that UMCES receives from the University of Maryland for MEES courses taught by UMCES faculty. These funds are supplemented with some annual private donations. The GEC currently has several faculty members:  Ryan Woodland (chair), Laura Lapham, Slava Vyacheslav, Solange Filoso, and one student representative, Sabrina Groves.

Financial support to CBL graduate students is made in the form of 1 or 2 annual GRA fellowships, and small travel awards to support students presenting their research at up to two national and/or international conferences a year. Details on these opportunities and how to apply for them can be found below. Specific announcements are made by the GEC chair via e-mail, at various times throughout the year.

Details of eligibility and the application process for each source of support are provided below

In the past, the GEC has also supported part-time teaching assistant (TA) positions, for MEES courses taught by CBL faculty and for library and outreach/education assistantships, but is not currently doing so due to lack of funds. This support may resume in the future if the situation improves.