Faculty Grievances

There are five pathways that a faculty member may utilize to resolve a grievance issue.

  • Talk with the Director to explore any possible resolutions

  • Reach out to UMCES Ombuds, which offers specific faculty ombuds who can discuss concerns you may have and offer possible resolutions

  • Contact your Human Resources (HR) Director, Lisa Ross: The HR Director is trained to handle concerns over salary, benefits, retirement, and many other employment issues

  • Workplace Grievances: UMCES has a specific faculty grievance policy that deals with discrimination, harassment, unfair employment practices, and retaliation. Details are provided here through a series of Frequently Asked Questions

  • Promotion/Tenure Grievances: Grievances related to promotion/tenure issues are covered by a separate grievance process. Details are provided through a series of Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty Grievance FAQs.docx

Workplace Grievances

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Promotion/Tenure Grievances