Getting Started

Copy of Org chart and duties 04-2022.pdf

New Faculty Orientation

All new faculty at CBL receive an orientation from key administrative groups on campus. The HRC will schedule appointments with each department that pertains to the faculty member.

CA Orientation

UMCES Center Administration does also offer orientation in years when several new faculty start. However, we recommend that you take the time to arrange a visit to CA to meet with key staff there who will oversee proposal submission, billing and personnel.

Space at CBL

You can expect to be assigned an office on campus, provided with a desk, a book case and a filing cabinet. Each office comes with a VoIP phone which will also serve as your ethernet connection.

Most faculty will also be provided with research laboratory space, appropriate for their needs.

Office space for students, FRAs and post docs is limited. Students will be assigned deskspace by the Associate Director for Administraion in one of our three common areas for students. FRAs will be provided desk space when possible. Post-docs will be assigned desk sapce in one of two common post-doc areas. They are not provided with an individual office.


All faculty will get an @ email address, space on the faculty web server, a local file server (known as the "P" drive), an account on our educational server (Moodle), our proposal routing system (CAYUSE) and digital dropbox. Our IT group also handles phones. FAQs for CBLs IT system can be found on the CBL intranet.

CBL and UMCES is also closely integrated with UMCP'S IT infrastructure. Important sites to know are

  • – time records, pay records, travel

  • – schedule of classes

  • – electronic grade submission

More details about IT services are available here.

Getting involved in education

New faculty have to request Graduate Faculty status with UMCES. This request to the UMCES VP-Education will be made by the Director's Office immediately upon your appointment. The VP-Education Office will also request a reciprocal appointment through the Graduate School at UMCP which will allow you to advise students within the inter-institutional Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Science program.

Details are provided elsewhere about how to recruit and advise students

CBL offers support for student travel student research and student fellowships through the GEC (details from Carys Mitchelmore).