Travelers, administrative support staff, and business managers should each be familiar with the information outlined in the University of Maryland Travelers' Guide.

Useful contact information for Business/Travel related questions:

Special Notes: Local travel (DC Metropolitan areas) requires a TAR/prior approval if it involves an overnight stay. A TAR should, however, always be made for insurance purposes only (IPO) even if you are not anticipating reimbursement. Out-of-state travel is always accompanied by a TAR/prior approval.

Pre-Travel Instructions for completing:

Travel Approval Request (TAR)

Travel Expense Statement (TES)

Combining Business and Personal Travel (ex: extended stay, travel companions)

          • At the time of booking, prepare a Travel Approval Request (TAR) detailed itinerary with cost estimates as if the employee was traveling solo and exclusively for business for all travel expenses (business flight only, single occupancy lodging, etc.). This will enable the ease of separating expenses for reimbursement to the University.

          • If personal travel will result in additional cost, the traveler must reimburse the University the difference in cost (make check payable to UMCES - CBL and submit to the Business Office).

Travel Dates: Arrival/Departure

          • For near destinations with multiple flight options, flying in/out on same day of business events may be reasonable.

          • For far destinations there may be more limited flight options and the traveler may need to arrive a day early / leave a day late.

          • Anything beyond a day early / late is to be considered personal travel and must be reimbursed to the University.

Travel Times and Meals

          • Meals are reimbursed at the UMCES per diem rates.

          • In order to be reimbursed on a travel day see the time restrictions below:

            • Breakfast: must depart from home/destination at or before 6:30am

            • Lunch: must depart from home/destination at or before 11:00am

            • Dinner: (Departure) must leave their home at before to 5:00pm (Return) must return home at or after 7:30pm


          • Itemized receipts are required for all reimbursable expenses including airfare, parking, rail/metro/bus ticket, car rental, ground transportation and tolls, lodging, conference/event registration, and rental vehicle fuel.

          • At the end of your hotel stay, check out at the front desk and request a detailed receipt.

          • Receipts are used to verify that the travel purchases were used for the approved traveler, dates, and location. Receipts also document the actual cost and payment of each expense.

          • If a receipt is unobtainable or lost, the traveler must submit a written statement detailing the expense and why no receipt is provided.

          • For hosted meals, you must provide:

            • An itemized receipt that does not include or has subtracted any alcohol costs (under no circumstances is alcohol reimbursed by UMCES)

            • A statement of the purpose of the meal

            • A list of attendees

          • If you request reimbursement above the UMCES per diem rates, you must provide an itemized receipt and a justification (i.e., dietary restrictions) for review and approval.

Airline Fees

          • The purchase of First-Class airfare is not permitted.

          • The purchase of Business-Class airfare is not permitted for domestic travel, and is discouraged for international travel unless specific operating requirements make it impractical to travel internationally in coach class.

          • Flight change/cancellation fees are the responsibility of the traveler, except in emergency situations and/or for the convenience of the University. For example: network outage, weather, leadership decision.

          • The most economical flight should be booked at all times.

          • EarlyBird Check-in as an add on to Regular-Class airfare is permissible.

          • Costs associated with seat assignment changes and upgrades above the original purchased ticket are the responsibility of the traveler and must be reimbursed to CBL.

          • Wi-fi access is permissible when for University business.

          • Baggage fees are permissible with detailed receipt and boarding pass provided by the traveler.


          • Traveler should use the most economical airport parking which is appropriate to the travel and whenever possible long-term parking should be utilized.

          • Please refrain from parking in hourly lots for all trips.


          • Mileage is measured from the closer of the duty station or point of departure to the airport for travel on days during the employee's normal work schedule.

          • For travel on days that are not part of the employee's normal work schedule, actual airport mileage is reimbursable.

            • For example:

              • Home to Airport: 30 miles

              • Home to CBL: 10 miles

              • Reimbursement on Duty Day: 20 miles

              • Reimbursement on non-Duty Day day: 30 miles

            • This also applies to local travel

            • If mileage is less than if the employee would be coming into work, they may not claim mileage reimbursement.

            • If the traveler is dropped off at and picked up from the airport, one-way mileage should be used and not two round-trips.

          • Mileage is only reimbursable when the traveler’s privately owned vehicle (POV) is used.

          • Be sure to use updated mileage rates to calculate total personal car mileage costs.

Rental Car

          • When signing the rental agreement, the renter must include his/her name, UMCES, and State of Maryland.

          • The State of Maryland is self-insured, Collision Damage Waivers (CDW) and Loss Damage Waivers (LDW) are not reimbursable when traveling domestically.

          • If the need for a rental car is restricted to travel to/from the airport, utilize a taxi or car service available. When a vehicle is needed for business purposes daily, rent a car.


          • For meals, tips are included in your per diem amounts so please consider this when making meal selections.

          • For taxis, the maximum tip that would be reimbursed is 20% of the fare.