Travelers, administrative support staff, and business managers should each be familiar with the information outlined in: 

Travel Procedures updated for Concur

Concur - Travel Services

Contact information for Business/Travel related questions at CBL:

Special Notes: 

All employees who travel will need to set up a profile in Concur ( Set Up Traveler Profile training video)  in order to travel and submit expenses for reimbursement/reallocation. After your profile is set up, add Trish Stebbing as a delegate for your account. 

Local travel (Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area) requires a submitted and approved Travel Request if it involves an overnight stay. A Travel Request should, however, always be made for insurance purposes only (IPO) even if you are not anticipating expenses/reimbursement.  Out-of-state travel is always accompanied by a Travel Request.

Pre-Travel Instructions for completing:

Travel Request 

Expense Report

University Travel Card

Combining Business and Personal Travel (ex: extended stay, travel companions)

Travel Dates: Arrival/Departure

Travel Times and Meals


Airline Fees



Rental Car