Boat Reservations

To reserve a boat from the CBL small boat fleet a qualified operator should look at the CBL small boat Google calendar, choose a date, and then send an email to and with a date and a cruise plan.

The cruise plan will have dates the vessel will be needed, the type of work to be performed, areas of operation, the names of the person in charge and crew, and the name and phone number of a shore contact person.

On the day of the cruise, a crew member is to retrieve the "boat pack" from the RFO upstairs storage area. The pack contains; the vessel registration, Tow Boat US emergency towing information, boat equipment manuals, and a checklist/checkout sheet. The boat pack is to be kept on board for the entire cruise. After the cruise, it is to be returned to the RFO storage area.

The checklist/checkout sheet lists the equipment on board, engine checks, amount of hours the vessel has been used, and any problems or discrepancies noted. The boat is to be refueled using a CBL credit card and the amount of fuel noted on the checkout sheet. The checklist/checkout sheet MUST be returned to the RFO after each cruise.

Small Boat Rental Information

Typical costs associated with renting an UMCES-CBL boat include but are not limited to the boat usage, fuel for the boat, truck usage (if towing), and fuel for the truck. See below for more details: 

small boat operator quals and policy.pdf
rates - small boat reservation process.pdf