Departing Employee

Associated Policies:

UMCES policy BOR VII-1.22strong - Separation for Regular Exempt Employees

UMCES policy BOR VII-1.30strong> - Layoff For Exempt and Non- Exempt Personnel

There are three potential reasons an employee leaves UMCES. Each are governed by slightly different policies.

Supervisors are responsible for notifying the HRC of departing employees at least 5 days prior to the employee’s last day of work (preferably as soon as the supervisor knows). This initial communication from the supervisor as well as all the communications indicated below, are critical to ensure a smooth termination of employment. All departing employees except hourly employees must provide a resignation letter to the HRC. The resignation letter may be scanned and emailed to the HRC as soon as the departure date is determined. If enough time is allocated before departure, the HRC will request an assigned key list from Associate Director.

1. Schedule a date with employee to conduct the Check-Out Process.

2. A resignation letter (or email) must be received from all departing employees except hourly appointments. Supervisor should send the HRC an email stating that the employee is departing and the last date of work for all employees. An exit appointment should be set up for ALL employees and long –term volunteers.

3. Conduct Check-Out with departing employee:

  • Complete Exit form with employee to obtain information regarding any new address for future communications.
  • Discuss end date of health benefits and COBRA.
  • Discuss retirement and provide contact information to various agencies
  • Provide final paycheck date
  • Provide information on leave payout and date payout will occur
  • E-2 Campus
  • Retrieve Collection Permit (if applicable)
  • Collect all keys (either by using the list in personnel file or by the updated list provided by the Associate Director of Facilities)
  • Collect University ID
  • Send notification to end library privileges
  • Have employee sign Exit form