Full Policy

Tuition Remission


  • Full Time GRAs – 10 credit hours for Fall and Spring Semesters, 8 credits for Summer and 4 Credits for Winter Term.
  • Half- time GRAs - 5 Credit Hours for Fall and Spring Semesters, 4 credits for Summer and 2 for Winter Term.
  • Non-Exempt and FRAs: 8 Credit hours for Fall and Spring Semester and 6 for Summer. Note this is not intended for people enrolled in MEES or Tox programs.
  • Contingent II – Eligible for TR benefits if it has been negotiated and is provided for in the employment contract
  • Contingent 1 (Hourly) – Not eligible for tuition remission

Worker's Compensation - Policy

  • Please contact HR immediately as soon as incident is handled to discuss Worker's Compensation claims. Employee, Supervisor and Witness to Incident will be required to give written statements. HR will complete all other required paperwork.
  • Please call 911 FIRST if it is an emergency. Once the employee has had medical care, contact HR so the paperwork process can be started and the employee can speak with a claims adjuster to cover expenses.