Annual Reviews

All employees are entitled to timely and constructive reviews. As a supervisor of an employee you are responsible for participating in the review process. The review becomes part of the employees record and CBL. Employees have a right to see their review. Employees can also file a statement challenging the review, but they cannot amend the review for anything other than errors of fact.

The review process is tied to promotions and advancement. CBL operates on a fiscal year starting July 1. Thus reviews must be filed with the CBL HR office in the late spring of each year.

* For support faculty, specific policies exist which clearly define the review schedule and process - UMCES policy BOR II-1.20 - Policy on Evaluation of Performance of Faculty Full Policy This policy establishes the timing and procedures for the review. Specifically:

1. Candidates eligible for promotion will be notified by October 1.

2. All support faculty must submit their annual review dossier to their supervisor by February 1.

3. The review dossier MUST include:

  • a) A signed and dated curriculum vitae that provides details on achievements over the previous 5 calendar years, updated through the previous calendar year.
  • b) A completed support faculty Development Report, completed by the FRA and signed by the supervisor.
  • c) A cover letter from the supervisor requesting any salary adjustment.

4. Support faculty MUST be considered for promotion by the end of their 4th year of appointment, and at no longer than year intervals thereafter.

5. Promotions from FRA 1 to FRA 2 and FRA 3 to FRA 4 are based on recommendation of the supervisor, subject to approval by the Laboratory Director.

6) Promotions from FRA 2 to FRA 3 requires a formal review conducted by a FRA Promotion Review Committee. The timeline for this evaluation differs from the normal annual review. The FRA must submit an expanded list of required documents to the Laboratory Director by March 1. The FRA Promotion Committee makes its recommendation to the Director by April 1.