Leave of Absence and Family Medical Leave

UMCES policy BOR VII – 7.5 - Family Medical Leave Full Policy

FMLA is not leave given to an employee; it is the Family Medical Leave Act that ensures the UMCES will hold the employee's position for a self/family medical reason for 12 weeks. The employee must continue subsidized benefits through the University by either using accrued leave or self-payment. If the employee has enough leave on the books to cover the entire FML, the s/heemployee must use it. They will get paid and health benefits/premiums will continue. If the employee does not have enough leave to cover the entire FML,s/he will take it without pay, but can still continue subsidized benefits as long as their premiums are paid and they return within the 12 weeks. If they do not return, then the employee must pay the employer subsidy back to UMCES for the health benefits for the 12 weeks.

Faculty & Staff Parental Leave

UMCES policy BOR II-2.25 - Parental Leave and other Family Supports for Faculty Full Policy

The parental leave period will consist of any form of annual, sick or personal leave that the faculty member has accrued, to be supplemented by the institution with additional paid leave days to attain an eight (8) week period of paid parent leave. The paid leave guarantee will apply to all faculty, including research support faculty ranks, upon affirmation that the faculty member will be the child's primary caregiver during the parental leave period.

1. Leave shall be prorated for eligible part time faculty who are contractual at 50% FTE or greater.

2. If a child's parents are employed by the same institution, both may be eligible for paid parental leave up to the eight (8) week maximum as follows:

a. Both parents may use accrued annual, sick or personal leave concurrently with the birth of a child or adoption of the child under age six (6)

b. A parent may use additional guaranteed paid leave under this policy only during a period when that parent is the child's primary caregiver.

3. A faculty member shall be eligible for assured minimum paid parental leave after one (1) year of employment with the institution.

4. A faculty member may be eligible for paid parental leave under this policy on two separate occasions while employed by an institution of the USM. Any additional periods of paid parental leave require the approval of the Lab Director.

UMCES policy BOR VII -7.49 - Parental Leave and other Family Supports for Staff Same eligibility requirements as faculty personnel

*The staff employee must have a satisfactory record of sick leave usage and work performance.