It is recognized that, in some cases, the receipt of an award may be delayed, thus seriously impeding the course of the project. To assist in these cases, you maybe granted the ability to pre-spend on the award if approved by the sponsor and UMCES. To seek pre-spending authority, you need to complete an Advance Account Number Authorization and submit it to the Budget and Finance Office who will seek the approval of the Director and forward it to our ORAA office to obtain the President’s approval to permit pre-spending. Complete the form with the assistance of the Budget and Finance Office, including the amount you will need and the length of time you will need until the official award is received, and attach the written assurance of the sponsoring agency of the amount to be funded and the start date. You may not request funds for your own salary. Submit the request through the Budget and Finance Office for routing. If the request is approved, a summary sheet will be issued by our ORAA office and you will be authorized to spend up to the amount and for the purposes and time requested.