Notification of New Grants

Once the official award notification has been received by our ORAA office, or pre-spending authorization has been approved, ORAA will send a summary sheet with the award agreement attached via email. This is your official notification of the award which authorizes you to begin spending. Please thoroughly review the summary sheet and the award document to familiarize yourself with the budget, any special terms, conditions, reporting requirements, etc. In particular, ensure that the funding agency and ORAA have placed the funds in the appropriate categories. You will also receive an email from the Budget and Finance Office summarizing the award and describing information about the effect of the award on your salary. The award will be entered into our online system, usually within a day or two after the receipt of the summary sheet, where you will be able to view the budget, any spending that has occurred, personnel commitments you have made, and other relevant financial information. You will be asked if you want any other employees authorized to view the non-payroll reports. If funds are budgeted for communications, the account will also be set up to make long distance telephone calls.