Post-Travel: Concur Expense Report

All employees who travel will need to set up a profile in Concur ( Set Up Traveler Profile training video)  in order to travel and submit expenses for reimbursement/reallocation. After your profile is set up, add Trish Stebbing as a delegate for your account. 

A Travel Expense Report must be completed in order to claim reimbursement or reconcile transactions. The responsibilities of the traveler and Business Office are outlined below.

Pre-Recorded Video Training: 

Create Expense Reports

Per Diem in Expense Reports

If you paid for your own travel expenses (not through Trish’s T-Card), follow the steps in this Job Aid to complete a Travel Expense Report: 

Click here to access your Concur account:

Click here to view steps for completing an Expense Report:

**After the expense report has been submitted for payment, and the status of payment is listed as “sent for payment” in your report library, you will need to close the request in order to release any remaining estimated funds. 

To close travel requests and release encumbered funds not used

Closing the request will release the remaining balance on the trip and you will stop receiving alerts.