Submission Deadlines


Proposals submission should be initiated within Cayuse at least 5 days prior to the agency due date to obtain necessary approvals and signatures and to make modifications or corrections, if needed. It is good practice to provide early drafts of the budget and the budget justification to the business office or to ORAA as most challenging problems to deal with often occur in these documents.

If the RFP to which you are responding specifically includes a statement limiting indirect costs, you should not need additional time to process your proposal. If however you are applying to a foundation or non-standard funding source which has asked to you use a non-standard overhead rate, please note that such requests require presidential approval and may lead to a substantial delay in proposal processing.


Proposals that involve subcontracts with other institutions should be initiated at least 10 days before the deadline to allow time for the ORAA office and their equivalent at the collaborating institutions to develop and exchange appropriate subcontracts. You do not need the final version of the proposal to be complete before starting work on the subcontracts.