Subcontracts and Consultants

Subcontracts are reserved for research collaborations, not for services rendered such as analytical services, instrument calibration, consulting, and so forth. Subcontracts are charged indirect costs on only the first $25,000 of the subcontract – see Indirect Costs for details.

Please note that, in proposals involving subcontracts for which UMCES is the prime contractor, ORAA will require their budget, scope of work, and institutional endorsements before submitting the proposal. Once awarded, Center Administration will prepare appropriate subcontracts for final signatures upon your completing the Request to Issue Subcontract form to establish the subcontract.

Consultants are professionals or companies that perform predefined services that cannot be carried out within UMCES. Examples of consultant services could include analysis of samples, instrument calibration, statistical consulting. If a proposal involves Consultants, they should be specifically named in the proposal unless you are willing to let the University place a bid for those services. This may occur anyway if the work is fairly generic in nature. These costs are subject to the full indirect costs. When you are a subcontractor or consultant to another institution, please submit a proposal as usual but also include the full proposal as an “information only” attachment for the Director’s review.