Finishing a Grant

As you approach the end of your grant please work closely with the Budget and Finance office to determine appropriate expenditures that may spend the grant completely. It is best to begin those discussions about 3-6 months prior to the termination date of the award to ensure that you are able to make full use of any residual funds.

Be sure to complete any deliverables and submit any final reports. These are critical and integral components of your award. Please refer to the awarding documents for any items that may be required. Prior to submitting a report to a funding agency, you will need to obtain a Technical Report Series number from the Director's Office for the cover page of the report. In most cases, you are responsible for submitting the final report. Please send an electronic copy of the report to the CBL Director for our records. It is also helpful to send an email to ORAA informing them that you have submitted the final report.