Travel Expense Statement (TES)

If you have not filed a TAR/TES before, you need to request access from before a submission can be made.

A Travel Expense Statement (TES) is needed for reimbursement of travel expenses. The responsibilities of the traveler and Business Office are outlined below.

TES Overview:

  1. Upon return, the Traveler must prepare a TES in the ELF system for submission and bring all receipts, along with a breakdown of per diems claimed per day, to Trish Stebbing in the Business Office.


          1. Does the trip number match across the TAR and TES?

          2. Is the same KFS number used in both the TAR and TES?

          3. Confirm meals claimed are not covered by hotel or conference

          4. Do meals on travel days abide by the time limits in the travel guidelines outlined above?

          5. If traveler is claiming meals over per diem amount, a justification must be included

          6. If mileage is claimed, confirm Google Maps printout(s) are included and mileage is reduced by work commute on Duty Days

          7. Hotel reimbursement must not include room service charges or entertainment charges

          8. For mileage reimbursement and meal per diems, list day of the week in the TES

          9. Is there backup for every non per diem claim? Example: use WMATA trip planner if no metro receipt; and if receipts were not possible a Missing Receipt Affidavit must be completed)

          10. Ensure that no prepaid items are being claimed. Example: Hotel paid for on travel card, but folio is included and traveler is claiming whole cost of reservation.

          11. Tape all receipts to 8.5x11 inch paper

2. Before routing TES to Trish Stebbing, please be sure to complete the Traveler Attestation section

3. The TES is reviewed and approved by the Business Manager (Theresa Holloway temporarily) and the traveler will receive an email notification of approval.

TES Overview:

TES (Travel Expense Statement)

1. Logon to ARES

2. Electronic Forms

3. Access My Forms

4. New Form

5. Travel Expense Statement (TES) -- CES

Go in order, do not skip tabs, fill out all * areas

Traveler Tab

1. Enter Trip Number from TAR

2. Enter SS#

3. Select Lookup Trip Data (Populates Expense Statement)

Itinerary Tab

1. Travel Start and End Dates & Times

2. Origin Code (Airline) (Driving ***) (Train ###)

3. Destination (Airline) (Driving ***) (Train ###)

Expenses Tab

1. For personal vehicle usage, complete Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage Detail section for mileage calculation

        • Departure date, origin, destinate, total # of miles driven (please use Google maps for mileage calculation)

        • Return date, origin, destinate, total # of miles driven (please use Google maps for mileage calculation)

2. Expense amount for mileage will automatically be calculated

3. Add additional expenses (per diem, registration fees, etc.) by clicking the “+” to add a row

Attestation & Comments Tab

1. Select Traveler Attestation box

2. Comments: Complete as needed (GEC Award Recipient, etc. )

Form Complete

1. Check for errors

2. Modify Description to: TES CBL – Traveler’s Name, Dates of Travel (i.e. TES CBL - Theresa Holloway 3/1/19 - 3/5/19)

3. Send To:

        • Click Change

        • Click Add Addressee

        • Search for Trish’s information - Last Name: Stebbing, First Name: Tr

        • Once her name populates, select “Add this user”

        • Click OK

4. Select Send (Green traffic light)